• Works Full Time, Every Day, For District 1
  • New Toulminville Library
  • Renovated Bush Park in Crichton
  • Completely Renovated Aaron Park in Toulminville
  • Affordable Home Subdivision in Trinity Gardens (TG)
  • Affordable Home Subdivision on Weems Dr. in Crichton
  • New Apartment for Seniors on 1st Ave., Trinity Gardens
  • New 3rd Precinct & Service Center in Toulminville
  • New Lake Dr. Tricentennial Park in Toulminville
  • Police Recruiting Office in Toulminville
  • New pool at Figures Park
  • New Satchel Paige Multi-Purpose Park in Toulminville

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I am highly honored and privileged to have represented you for over twelve years. I thank you for the opportunity to serve. District 1 and indeed the City of Mobile are characterized by unprecedented economic growth and progress. The challenge is to keep the progress going. With your continued support we can and will go up and beyond any place we have gone before. I pledge to continue listen to your voices by continuing to hold regular beat meetings, in your neighborhood, and allow you the opportunity to make all your concerns known. I will continue to bring to all meetings city department heads, Mobile police command officers and resourceful business and community leaders; so as to resolve most issues on the spot and expose you to every available opportunity.

District 1 is very large. There are 31,056 citizens in the district. There are 47 police beats; 7 of which are in District 1. I meet each month in one of these beats. There are 5 Police Precincts in our city; two are in District 1. There are also nearly 600 streets in the district. It is a vast district. I travel the district beat by beat, street by street and house by house. I have the time and my only job is serving the people of District 1. Read Complete Letter >

Please Vote Fred Richardson on August 25th, and keep the progress going.

Fredrick Richardson, Jr.

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